The Prodigal Son in Stained Glass

During a recent weekend break in Ely, we visited the Stained Glass Museum which is to be found above the south aisle of the nave in Ely Cathedral. Spanning a period of about 800 years from the Middle Ages to the present day, the museum displays over 125 original stained glass windows from the UK and Europe. Amongst these was a lovely gem of a window by Moira Forsyth telling the story of the Prodigal Son.

Moira Forsyth (1905 – 1991) originally studied ceramics at the Burslem School of Art in Stoke-on Trent and set up a successful studio for ceramics design. However, the general strike of 1926 caused her to close her kilns. She then took up further studies at the Royal College of Art after having won a scholarship in a national competition. While at the college she became interested in stained glass which then became the focus of her professional career. She was subsequently commissioned to provide stained glass windows for, amongst others, Eton College Chapel, Guildford Cathedral and Norwich Cathedral.

This is her delightfully playful interpretation of the parable of the Prodigal Son.


This is the story of the Prodigal Son














Who left home and wasted his inheritance in riotous living
and all his companions helped him spend it.
















After which he was very sorry and hungry        And wanted to eat the pig food 

So he came back and his father was very pleased.


But his elder brother was not pleased                                 Neither was the fatted calf……


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First published on: 17th August 2021