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Woven, the London District Theme for 2019-2021, centres on the power of storytelling to transform and renew us in our lifelong discipleship as followers of Christ.

Before joining the circuit, I was privileged to have been given the opportunity to share how I was dealing with lockdown.  Although this has previously been shared on the Ealing Trinity website, I have given the link to both parts of that recording at the end of this article - part one is 2.45 minutes and part two is just over 4 minutes long.

Following this recording I was again privileged to participate in the London District’s “God Story, Your Story, Every Story”, as described at the beginning of this article.

The series of interviews with Premier Radio’s Hannah Scott Joynt, commenced on 31 October 2020 and on Saturday 21st November 2020 at 5:30pm my recording was aired (the link for that is given at the end of this article).  Titled “My reluctant walk with God”, my journey through life with God to this present time unfolds as I engage with the challenges of ministry and my first appointment in this Circuit.

There are many passages of Scripture I could share with everyone, but the one I shared during the interview is Psalm 139 and the impact this Psalm has had on my life thus far. I also touched on the topic of being barren!  In my view, this is one of life’s truly hurtful words often levelled at women from all cultures, generations and walks of life who cannot have children, causing emotional damage beyond our imagination. 

In Genesis 17, we see Abraham and Sarah take matters into their own hands, as their wait for a child spanned into their senior years.  Yet God remained true to the Covenant he made, thus Sarah gives birth to Isaac.

For couples, especially women who long for a child but for medical or other reasons are not able to, I give you a thought given to me by a senior member of my home Church. 

“Though you may not have children of your own, you are a mother of many through the work you do, the love and encouragement you give to children and young people in and out of church”. 

Although hearing these words became a game changer for me in terms of that label of being barren, it took many years of prayers and wrestling with God before I truly understood the message. 

That word!  Barren!! Deserts are often viewed as being a place where there is no life i.e. BARREN!!! however I beg to differ in that there is life, through the people who lead a nomadic life and travel through the deserts; the animals that live in the desert; and finally in some deserts a little water or the rainy season which brings abundant life.

God is truly a wonderful God and is never silent and is ever vigilant. God takes us as we are, and he moulds us, and he fills us so that we are able to do his goodwill and to encourage others.

Brothers and Sisters of the Ealing Trinity Circuit I hope that you will be inspired by the interviews (not just mine) and I hope that in the New Year, 2021 you will join me as I introduce one of the prayer disciplines of the Methodist Diaconal order to which I belong.  My intention is to start a monthly Ignatian Examine, in which together we will look at the way in which God is calling us, the challenges we have face in terms of responding to that call, and how we can seek his guidance in order that we can hear his voice and respond appropriately to His call and according to His will.

I leave you with God’s peace and God’s blessing.

Deacon Theresa Simons-Sam



(click on 'load more' to see part one 2.45 mins and part two, 4.25 mins) If you have time please do view the other recordings for encouragement at this time.

Woven and Premier Christian Radio - “God’s Story. Your Story. Every Story”


Once again, I urge you to listen to the other interviews when you have a chance - Theresa