Living Well Series   (14/03/19)

The next session in the Circuit’s Living Well series will be on Wednesday 27th March at 2.00pm. This will be a movie afternoon and we will gather round some fruit and healthy teas and some popcorn and crisps in fellowship and celebration of our union with Christ.

We will watch 'I Daniel Blake,' which is a movie that reminds us of the life some people are living in modern Britain. This movie will get us in touch with issues of the benefits system and how policies such as Universal Credit actually affect you and I and has opened acts of mercy in our fellowship with Christ and world. Let us watch this movie together and see that others are not living well and that is causing our hearts to weep with compassion. It is compassion that raises us to be advocates, to speak out on behalf of them, and to take their concerns as our own and help bring change for the purposes of the Kingdom.

Hope to see you there. If you intend to attend please drop Deacon Lemia Nkwelah an email or text for numbers.


Circuit Lent Bible Study Series   (14/03/19)

This year’s Circuit Lent Bible Study Series is based on ‘Hospitality and Sanctuary for All’ by Dr Rev Inderjit Bhogal, a former President of Conference. Sessions continue each Monday at 10.30am at Kingsdown and at 7.30pm at Greenford. The first session was on 11th March and the series will run each week for five weeks finishing on 8th April. Study materials for the Series can now be downloaded from the Lent Course page.


A Day to Explore Becoming a District of Sanctuary    (07/03/19)
23rd March 10.00am – 3.00pm

The Social Responsibility Commission (SRC) is organising a conference at Central Hall Westminster on Saturday 23rd March from 10.00am – 3.00pm to explore becoming a ‘District of Sanctuary’. This would see the London District allied with the ‘Cities of Sanctuary’ movement started by former President of Conference Revd Dr Inderjit Boghal and would build on work already being done across the District by individual churches and circuits and the London boroughs within which we serve. The SRC believes that by sharing our stories and looking towards developing and shaping our work towards becoming part of the City of Sanctuary UK movement, we might both affirm what is already being done and make a unified statement against the hostile climate. The day will include some exciting speakers, including Ben Margolies the City of Sanctuary UK Co-ordinator for the South of England.

Our Circuit is looking for two representatives to attend the conference. Places are limited and if you would like to attend you will need to act fast to book a place on Eventbrite – to book a place go to:

Registration for places will close by about 14th March as the District needs to finalise numbers. In addition, if you intend to go, please also let Deacon Lemia Nkwelah know.

City of Sanctuary UK holds the vision that our nation should be a welcoming place of safety for all. It aims to support the creation of a culture of welcome and inclusion across every sector and sphere of society. It seeks to promote the voices and celebrate the contributions of people seeking sanctuary and to increase understanding of such people and the difficulties they experience while living in the UK. To find out more, got to


Hanwell Easter Egg Hunt   (07/03/19)

Hanwell will hold its 7th Great Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday 6th April from 2.00 – 4.30pm. There will be Easter eggs, children’s crafts including making an Easter garden, teas, coffees and light refreshments for Mums, Dads and children. Admission is free.


Reflect: Journey of the Soul   (07/03/19)

"Journey of the Soul" is an opportunity to reflect on your faith journey over the weekend of 19th - 21st July 2019 at Wychcroft Retreat Centre near Bletchingly, Surrey. For most of the weekend participants will keep silence. There will, however be two separate eating areas one of which will be available for any conversations people may wish to have. The cost of the weekend is £160.00. To make a booking please contact Brian Sherrell on 01883 370945 or by e-mail at


London District Vacancies   (26/02/19)

The London District has two vacancies at present. Both are based at the London District Office at Central Hall Westminster.

Project Co-ordinator - take the lead on District Projects, such as the Moving Stories project, ensuring the smooth delivery of significant milestones and events.

Communications Officer - a busy but stimulating role within the District Team that is responsible for maintaining and developing the District's communications on social media, website, weekly e-bulletin, and annual publications.

The hours for both jobs are 21 per week and the rate of pay is £16.00 per hour. For more information and to download application forms go to

The deadline for applications is Monday 18th March and interviews will be held on Friday 29th March.


Ealing Foodbank News Update    (19/02/19)

The following is derived from an update recently circulated to volunteers who support the Ealing Foodbank.

Demand at the Ealing Foodbank’s distribution centre cafés has grown significantly over the past year with increases of between 50% and 150% at each of the five existing cafés. Greenford, Southall and Acton are the busiest cafés, although Hanwell and Northolt have also seen significant extra demand. A new café will be opening at Ealing Green Church on Tuesday mornings from 26th February with Rev Sue Male as team leader. This means there will be a café open throughout the borough every day apart from Sunday.

The Foodbank is looking for volunteers to support the work of the Crisis Navigators at the cafés who can provide clients with advice on benefits, local services and support agencies. Someone to take over as Referral Partner co-ordinator is also required, liaising between the Foodbank and the agencies that distribute Foodbank vouchers to people facing food crisis. For role descriptions, please contact the Foodbank Manager on 020 8840 9428 or or .

In addition, the Foodbank is keen to connect with appropriate Facebook accounts and Twitter users who can help with publicity, including by sharing a recently posted short video about what a foodbank does . There was also an article in the latest edition of the Ealing Council’s magazine.

The Foodbank is partnering with the Salvation Army in a new Baby Bank initiative to pass on baby equipment and clothes to those in need. Suitable donations are welcomed.

On Tuesday 26th February 7.30pm Hanwell Methodist Church will be the venue for an hour of prayer for the Foodbank. There is also a regular “prayer in the warehouse” session at the Ealing Foodbank headquarters from 1.00-1.30pm on the 4th Tuesday of every month from Tuesday 23rd April.


Circuit Lent Bible Study Series   (07/02/19)

This year’s Circuit Lent Bible Study Series will be based on ‘Hospitality and Sanctuary for All’ by Dr Rev Inderjit Bhogal, a former President of Conference. Sessions will be on Mondays at 10.30am at Kingsdown and at 7.30pm at Greenford. The first session will be on 11th March and the series will run for five weeks finishing on 8th April.

Click here to download 'Hospitality and Sanctuary for All' by Dr Rev Inderjit Bhogal.


Do You Have a Spare Room?   (07/02/19)

Ealing Churches Winter Night Shelter is working with Housing Justice over the next three years to provide accommodation in host households for Night Shelter guests who are seeking asylum. You can find out more at an information evening with Tommy Cloherty from Housing Justice on Tuesday 5th March at 7.30pm at St Paul’s Church, Ridley Avenue, West Ealing.

In brief:-

  • Guests are supported by organisations who undertake to access the legal support they are entitled to before and during placement with hosts.
  • Hosts are not expected to provide advice of financial support as guest are provided with an allowance to cover their basic necessities.
  • Hosts are free to end placements if circumstances change or things don’t work out – Housing Justice will facilitate this with the host and the guest.
  • Hosts will be supported throughout the placement, be invited to get-togethers with other hosts and offered training to help with hosting.
  • Hosts are given the opportunity to speak to current and past hosts to discuss what they have learned, the highs and lows of hosting to make sure it works for them, members of their families and their guest.


Bank Card Scam   (20/12/18)

Would you sit up and take note if the police called you to say that they had arrested two ‘criminals’ for fraudulent use of your credit cards? I received exactly that call yesterday supposedly from Colindale Police Station. When the caller started asking questions about how many cards I had and with which banks I said I wished to call him back. At that point he abruptly broke off the call. This was, of course a scam the purpose of which was to get me to reveal my card details and then hand them over to an ‘officer’ who would call to collect them. A local befriending charity has also advised its volunteers that one of its clients had been scammed recently in a similar way. If you get a call like this supposedly from the police or your bank, it is best simply to put the phone down. If you feel worried you can always contact your bank independently to ask if there has been any suspicious activity on your account.

Gerald Barton, Circuit Administrator


Ealing Newman Circle Talks: Christian Discipleship Today    (25/09/18)

Following the success of the series of talks on the Reformation, the Ealing Newman Circle had put together a series of talks under the title ‘Christian Discipleship Today’ which aim to examine some of the practical ways in which Christians are attempting to give witness to their stated belief in Jesus. Talks begin at 8.00pm and will last for 40-45 minutes and take place at Ealing Abbey. Charlbury Grove, Ealing, W5 2DY.

4th October,2018: “Churches and the media” - Brenden Thompson of Catholic Voices
1st November 2018: “Inclusivity: A Gospel Mandate” - Fr Diamuid O.Murchu
24th January 2019: “Christians Against Poverty/Northfields Job Club” - A Pambakian.
28th February 2019: “Globalisation and Inequality” - Professor Philip Booth
28th March 2019: “Refugees and Asylum Seekers” - Sarah Teather, Jesuit refugee service
16th May 2019: “Counselling Today” - Ginny Ellis, Ealing Abbey non -denominational service


Prayer Meeting   (30/08/18)

You are invited to a prayer meeting every first Thursday of the month at Deacon Lemia Nkwelah’s manse at midday. This prayer meeting is open to all in the Circuit. It is part of who we are as disciples that we come together and hold a time to communicate with God. A time when we listen and think as well as speak to God. We gather in the hope that we support one another spiritually as we seek for a good relationship with God and to be changed by God and for God to change family, friends and the community in which we live. We gather in prayer to seek God's presence.