The Joy of Being a Local Preacher - Alex Anteyi

For me, this reflection involves looking back and evaluating my actions and experiences in the light of the life of Jesus Christ and His charge to all believers. Further, I am aware that we reflect with a view to improve and be the blessed man exemplified in Psalms 1:1-3.

To discern my own personal call to preach took me a few years. At the initial stages of my ‘on note to preach’ (local preacher’s training), elements of the study materials challenged my commitment because the entire material on the ‘Human Condition’ did not mention God or Jesus. Accredited to preach the word of God and lead His people in worship, I have moved around and beyond ‘local’ to several circuits including Shepherds Bush, Fulham Broadway & Hammersmith; Croydon; Forest Circuit and now Ealing Trinity Circuit.

Preaching the word and leading worship can be challenging but do-able. The focus must be Jesus Christ because the Christian Bible points to Him as the divine revelation. I love the ministry of Jesus Christ and like my Master, His instruction lives within me – “I delight to do Your will, O my God, and Your law is within my heart.” - Psalm 40:8 (NKJV). It is a joy to explore, discover and understand for myself what the bible passages say. This helps me to look at the setting, where and when a particular bible passage was written, why was it written, the context, the words etc. I discovered that Jesus Christ preached and taught but left Paul, Peter, and others down the line to continue the ministry with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. With prayer and worship, I seek the help of His Spirit to explain the scripture passage to me and challenge listeners to consider the specific teaching about God, man, woman, the Church, and the world. From my perspective, the passages often lead one to ask whether there is an example, promise, warning and if yes there may be action to take like prayer and praise.

My experience in working alongside the community of ministers and preachers has strengthened my faith. In truth, words are inadequate to describe how and when people you prayed with/for surrender their life to Christ. Over the years I have seen how the power of the word of God transformed many lives spiritually.  The privilege of seeing the younger ones grow in favour with God, family, the church and move on to universities and further afield are great sources of joy too. My greatest memorable moments of joy are the encounters I have with Christ through the words of Jesus and proclaiming /declaring the Word of God to the congregation.

First published on: 23rd September 2021