Beam – Helping People Get Back on Their Feet

This last winter our churches have not been able to provide accommodation for the homeless by running Ealing Churches Winter Night Shelters. Their work of supporting the homeless hasn’t stopped, however and here’s a way you can help.

As we all know, the pandemic has badly affected many people’s lives, not just by the virus itself but also by disrupting employment. Many people have found themselves unemployed causing loss of income and potentially making them homeless as a result.

Beam is a ‘certified social enterprise’ aimed at helping people get back on their feet. Beam works with homeless people to help them gain the skills and training they need to find employment. People are referred to Beam by local authorities and established homeless charities. Beam then works with them to develop a career plan that builds on their strengths and interests, supporting them through the whole process from training to employment.

One important part of this is working out a budget for the cost of each individual’s plan.

This is where you come in. Beam ‘crowdfunds’ the cost of people’s training programmes through its website. You can donate on a one-off basis or by regular donations either selecting which individual person you want to support or by funding everyone equally. By pooling small (and not so small) donations), Beam is able to help people fund their career plans and get back on their feet.

Click here to go to Beam's website and to find out how you can help people get back on their feet.

First published on: 2nd February 2021