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In-touch is the magazine for all the Ealing Trinity Circuit. The coronavirus pandemic is made us think about new ways to do things and new ways to communicate with people. So, we have decided to create In-touch Online as the online version of our print magazine. We will be adding articles and information on  a regular basis, so check back frequently to see what's new.

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Sunday Services
For information on our churches and their services go to our Churches page and follow the links for each church. You can also download a copy of the current Quarterly Preaching Plan from the Preaching Plan page.

Regular Notices
You can find notices circulated from our Circuit Office on our Notices page.

Rev Ajay Singh Introduces Himself
In September 2021 we welcomed Rev Ajay Singh to our Circuit. He is minister of our churches at Acton Hill, Hanwell and the King's Hall (Urdu/Hindi speaking) church in Southall. Find out a little more about him in this article.
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Tributes to Some of the People who have died during Recent Months
Since the start of the pandemic a number of long-standing members of our churches have died. Here are some selected tributes to some of those people - George Oliver, Elizabeth Sherman, Graham Preedy and Scotley Malcolm. Some have already been published in local church magazines, others not. 
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Those Communion 'Pods'
Gerald Barton, Editor of In-touch reflects on communion 'pods'.
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The Joy of Being a Local Preacher
Alex Anteyi joined our Circuit fairly recently and worships at Ealing Green Church. He is a Local Preacher and is now taking services around our Circuit. Here is his reflection on being a Local Preacher.
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Graham Preedy (1928 - 2021)
A life-long member of Greenford Methodist Church and local preacher for 61 years, Graham Preedy died on 24th July this year at the age of 92. Here is the tribute we published to Graham when he retired as a local preacher at the end of 2011.
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Read Easy
Do you know someone who struggles with reading? If you do, Read Easy could provide the help they need to learn to read confidently. Local volunteers have set up a Read Easy group in Ealing with the aim of helping people in our area who struggle with reading improve their reading skills.
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The Prodigal Son in Stained Glass
Gerald Barton, Editor of In-touch writes about a delightfully playful telling of the story of the Prodigal Son in stained glass.
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Iris Axon Concert Series at Acton Hill
The Iris Axon Concert Series of Sunday afternoon concerts at Acton Hill returned on 5th September with a recital by Japanese pianist Mayasuki Tayama. All che concerts in the series take place on the first Sunday of each month and the series runs through until June 2022 (with the exception of January 2022).
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Hanwell - Updated Website
Hanwell Methodist Church has updated its website with a new web address -
Click here to go to Hanwell's updated website

Crosslight Advice - Working with Ealing Foodbank
Crosslight Advice, a Christian debt-counselling charity is looking for volunteers to help with their work alongside Ealing Foodbank.
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The Sins of the Parents and the German Federal Constitutional Court
Gerald Barton, Editor of In-touch reflects on how a recent ruling by the German Federal Constitutional Court has impacted on the German government's plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions.
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Change Begins with a Bike
Kathleen Loveridge from Kingsdown writes about the collaboration between All We Can and the First African Bicycle Information Organisation and bikes are changing people's lives in Uganda.
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Art for Holy Week
Rev Rachel Bending has painted a series of pictures especially for Holy Week.
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Greenford Methodist Church Opens as Vaccination Centre
Michael Brown from Greenford describes how Greenford Methodist Church has opened its doors as a Vaccination Centre in conjunction with Roxannes Pharmacy.
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What Meanest Thou?
Gerald Barton, Editor of In-touch muses on the use of 'thou' and 'thee'.
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Christian Aid Iraq and Lebanon Project – Fundraising Total
Despite the pandemic, our Circuit exceeded its target for fundraising for Christian Aid's Iraq and Lebanon Project.
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Beam - Helping People Get Back on Their Feet
Many people's lives have been badly affected by the pandemic including unemployment and potential homelessness. Find out how you can help people get back on their feet.
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Reflections on the Pandemic
Gerald Barton, Editor of In-touch offers his reflections on the pandemic.
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My Favourite Carols
Rosemary Grave from Acton Hill reflects on a favourite carol.
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What I Did in the Lockdown
Brian Morris from Pitshanger Methodist Church writes about what he did during the lockdows.
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God's Story, Your Story, Every Story
Deacon Theresa Simons-Sam writes about her involvement in the London District's "God's Story, Your Story, Every Story".
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Circuit Staffing from September 2021
Rev Rachel Bending writes regarding changes to Circuit staffing from September 2021.
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New Suspicious E-mail Reporting Service
National Cyber Security has launched a new suspicious email reporting service.
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