Circuit Healing Service

Circuit Healing Services During the Pandemic

As the pandemic takes its course many people feel the isolation of the lock-down along with fear, illness, bereavement and much more. To go some way towards meeting these needs we offer a weekly online Circuit Service of Prayer for Healing and Wholeness on Sunday evenings - join the service at 6.30pm..

The service will be meditational and will include a short introduction followed by prayers and scripture and then a time for quiet prayer so that we can immerse ourselves in listening to God and our needs with music and visuals.

Click here for the Circuit Service for Healing and Wholeness.

***Please note there will be no Healing Services during August and ministers will not be available for prayer on Sunday evenings.***

Ministers will be available to telephone from 7.00 – 7.45pm on Sunday evenings for anyone feeling the need for one-to-one prayer. Calls will need to be kept fairly short but where appropriate ministers invite people to call again during the week and talk at greater length. The numbers to call are:

Rev Rachel Bending                07986 461787
Rev Sue Male                          020 8579 8114

If you find lines engaged, please feel free to call a different minister. You can also send a text to Rev Rachel Bending requesting a callback.


Our Circuit Healing Service is held on the first Sunday of each month at 6.30pm at Greenford Methodist Church. The service has been offered continuously since 1984 and, during that time, has provided a healing balm to many people as shown by the numerous letters and personal testimonies we have received.

How the Healing Service began

Healing Services at Greenford began 30 years ago in November 1984. The inspiration for the service came out of an experience of healing following an injury at work sustained by one of the members at Greenford, Graham Preedy. You can read about Graham's experience here and how it led to the start of the services.

What happens at a Circuit Healing Service?

The Circuit Healing Service begins with a time of praise followed by the Ministry of the Word which includes Bible readings and a talk. The Ministry of Healing then begins with an invitation for people to come forward to speak to a member of the Healing Team about whatever they would like prayer for and to receive prayers for healing and also receive the laying on of hands. If people do not wish to come forward they can just sit and pray quietly. There is also an opportunity for people to light candles as a symbol of their prayers. The service finishes with a blessing or the sharing of the Grace.

At the start of the service people are given a Prayer Sheet with the names of people for whom prayers for healing have been requested. During the service, the names of these people are read out so they can be prayed for. People are encouraged to take the Prayer Sheet home so they can remember the people named in their private prayers.

When the services finishes, members of the Healing Team remain available for anyone who wishes to speak to them about anything they would like to talk about privately.

The Healing Team is made up of our ministers and other people from the churches in our Circuit.

Prayer Requests

If you would like to have the name of someone added to our Healing Prayer sheet, please first seek their permission and then send their name(s) to Elizabeth Burke. Please include your contact details with your request. Names are kept on our Healing Prayer sheet for three months, but if you would like them to remain longer, please let Elizabeth know.


"When I was caring for my husband, who was suffering from Alzheimer's and wouldn't sleep, I heard a voice say 'be still and know that I am God'. I have called on God so many times and He has always helped me. The Lord provides and never fails. He never breaks His promises." - Authens Robinson

"I was born a Christian and come from a Methodist family in Sri Lanka. When I came to the UK to study, leaving my whole family back in my country, I felt lonely and lost. I had nobody around me. At that time I started to come to the Healing Service at Greenford Methodist Church. When I shared my sorrows and fears the prayers of the Healing Team really helped me spiritually find myself in the arms of Jesus Christ. In January 2014 my father had to have an operation and his situation was critical. I had nobody but the Healing Team to pray for me. They prayed for my father and the Lord Jesus Christ heard those pure prayers. My father was cured completely within two months. Thanks be to God!" - Rosalina Nadesrajah

Celebrating the Healing Service

Special services were held in November 2009 to mark 25 years of the Healing Service and again in 2014 to mark its 30th anniversary. The work of the many people who have contributed to the service - ministers, other members of the Healing Team, church stewards, musicians and many others was celebrated in these services. Above all, we give thanks for the opportunity the Circuit Healing Service has given, and continues to give, for people to come and blessed by prayer, to be soothed and to receive healing.